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Welcome to the captivating world of Jean-Marc & Clement,
enthusiasts who breathe life into the very essence of Belgica !

For twenty years, Jean-Marc worked in the exciting world of comics, especially on products linked to a famous Belgian hero. Thanks to his experience in commerce, he has acquired solid expertise which is the basis of their project. On the other hand, Clément stood out in the field of catering, with a specialization in pastry. His passion for cooking and his culinary talents enrich their project. They started Belgica after buying a vacation home. The idea evolved to include a wine bar, a grocery store featuring Belgian and local products, as well as guest rooms. Their experience with Airbnb in Brussels greatly influenced this decision. Clément focuses on service, including preparing assortments to accompany their wines. Jean-Marc manages the guest rooms and highlights Belgian products in the decoration. At Belgica, their passion for Belgium is visible in every detail, and they can't wait to share this unique experience with you.

Jean-Marc & Clément - Belgica
« Les témoignages permettent de comprendre comment vous travaillez et d'en savoir plus sur vos articles. Modifiez le texte. »

Marie Garnier, Paris

Our Belgica

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